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Below you'll find examples and prices of the types of commissions I have to offer. Patrons in the £3 tier and up will get priority commissions, higher tiers get discounts up to 20%. Please note these prices only cover private commissions, as commercial rates will be different. To find out more or to reserve a space, please send me an email at

Current list and waiting times can be found on Trello

Speedpaint Portraits

Flat rate - £50

Quick portraits with a simple background. These aren’t as refined as my other work, so will still look rough in places.

Speedpaint Fullbody

£250 - £350+

Additional Characters:
£80 - £100
(per character)

Similar to the speedpaint portraits, these pieces have a small amount of detail in some places, with a fairly simple background. These aren’t as refined as my detailed pieces so will still look a bit rough in places.

Detailed Portrait

£200 - £300+

Additional Characters:
£100 - £150
(per character)

More refined and very detailed character portrait, with detailed background. These show a bit more of the character, usually halfbody or down to the shoulders.

Full Detailed Scene

£400 - £500+

Additional Characters:
£150 - £200
(per character)

Very detailed character and full detailed background. Character may be drawn with more complex poses, and backgrounds will be filled with details.


Overall price will depend on how complex the character is, and the amount of detail in the background. Price of additional characters may also vary depending on how much of the character is seen. Feel free to get in touch if you would like a quote. Payment plans accepted.

Terms of Service

Please read the terms of service before requesting a commission

Terms of Service